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Naylor Technical Solutions are leaders in mine and tunnel auxiliary ventilation systems. We manufacture a complete range of integrated products designed for all types of ventilation projects.

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Underground Solutions

Naylor Technical Solutions offer a wide range of products and services to meet all your underground ventilation requirements no matter how big or small your project is. From design through to supply we offer the complete ventilation package including support brackets, coupling systems and cassette packages.

Our gas detection systems are used in battery rooms, breweries and chemical plants as well as in other traditional underground applications or anywhere dangerous gases may accumulate and constant monitoring is required.

NTS collision avoidance systems are successfully installed all over the world and together with our underground monitoring and control system are helping to make mining and tunnelling much safer work environments.

Our pultruded GRP rock bolts have been in use for over 20 years providing temporary ground control solutions for mining and tunnelling projects in the UK and Europe and our dog agility equipment is used at all major dog shows within the UK and is KC approved.

Industrial Gas Detection

Sensidyne LLP has over 30 years experience manufacturing fixed gas detection, air sampling, and micro air pump products. Customers rely upon our high quality products for personnel safety and asset protection. Naylor Technical Solutions are the UK channel partner for Sensidyne LLP fixed gas detection products.

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NTS Flatlay Ducting

Manufactured in flame retardant, anti-static and heavy-duty reinforced PVC material. Other materials specifications are available on request.

Flat lay ducting
Flatlay Ducting
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Flatlay ducting is very often the method of choice for forced ventilation in today's mining and tunnelling industries. Thanks to tough materials and welded airtight seams, it is capable of withstanding high operating pressures while remaining lightweight and offering minimal flow resistance.

Further plus points here are low acquisition costs and ease of use. Our flatlay ducting is ideal for mining faces and other short runs with the premium quality duct ideal for very long runs and tunnels. In addition, we also offer flatlay ducting variants that can be attached horizontally or vertically. These most commonly come into play when space-saving solutions are called for.

We manufacture and supply cassette systems in steel or GRP and will provide the ducting cassette packed for easy installation into the cassette system. We also offer an exchange cassette packing service where site restrictions or space limit packing on site.

Flat lay ducting
Ducting Accessories
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To round off our portfolio, we offer a wide range of connector systems including flexible end rings, clamping rings, zipper rings and Velcro-type fastening, suspension hanger systems and moulded components such as to T-, Y- and Branch pieces. In short, our customers can draw on a complete product range, allowing for optimised positioning of ducts and secure, leak-free connections.

NTS Semi-Rigid Ducting

Manufactured with a spring steel wire helix covered with a PVC wear strip and each length is complete with a coupling band, hooks for suspension and suspension wire.

NTS semi rigid ducting
Semi-Rigid Ducting
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Semi-rigid ducting is primarily used for exhaust ventilation, and is also the ideal solution for curved passages or in situations requiring a high level of wear resistance. Our spiral ducting is made of a high-quality coated fabric with continuous spring steel wire with a reinforced profile wrapped around the outside. This means that, regardless of how it is positioned, the profile is always retained. Spiral ducting is suitable for positive and negative pressure, and is available in a wide range of diameters.

NTS semi rigid ducting being constructed
Dog Agility Tunnels
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Our dog agility tunnels are made from top-grade materials, manufactured to the highest standard and are available in a variety of colours and material grades. The plastic fabric used is weatherproof, mildew and rot resistant, and resists fading even when exposed to strong sunlight. If required, we also offer dog agility tunnels manufactured with non-slip bases. Special accessories for attaching and transporting our tunnels are also available on request.

NTS products also get used for dog agility training

Mining & Tunnelling Electronics

Naylor Technical Solutions supply mining and tunnelling solutions from our group partners that keep personnel and plant safe, with products ranging from no-maintenance gas detectors to full underground monitoring and control systems. Our robust, reliable and cost-effective solutions are widely used in underground environments, with safety being our number one concern.

Man with hard hat checking for gas leaks using NTS equipment
Collision Avoidance
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The SCAS II Proximity Detection/Collision Awareness System uses dual band RF Technology to warn a vehicle operator that a vehicle, pedestrian and/or a fixed hazard are in one of the three configurable warning zones. The system will also indicate the orientation of the potential hazard. SCAS II can also be configured to provide vehicle interface signals such as “crawl & stop” via CAN bus. The equipment is designed for underground trackless and track bound machinery. Pedestrians in turn will be warned of approaching vehicles as well as possible hazard areas by means of an effective LED warning device and audible alarm.

Warning events are stored on the vehicle units as well as the cap lamp radio and selected data events can automatically be transmitted to the control room from strategic locations while the vehicle is in transit. Should the mine infrastructure not allow for automatic data downloading, information can be manually uploaded through a manual wireless interface.

NTS semi rigid ducting being constructed

Ground Anchors

Ground anchors are used in underground mining for stabilising the local geology. Unlike metal anchors, ours are made of fibre-reinforced plastic, making them lighter and corrosion resistant. Ground anchors from NTS are used in coal mining, structural engineering and underground mining.

One major benefit for the mining industry is that after use in coal mining, there is no need for these anchors to be removed; they can simply be ground up by the mining machinery along with the coal and processed, without affecting the quality of the final product.

Aluminium cylindrical ground anchors


We have a large selection of round and oval filament winding mandrels and manufacture GRP tubes, pipes and ducting in sizes and lengths ranging from NB25 to NB1600 diameter in phenolic, polyester and epoxy resins for a variety of applications including biogas shafts, ventilation equipment, power stations and chemical plants.

Our fiberglass ducting is made by combining fibreglass with phenolic resin and catalyst, resulting in a product that is both acid resistant and inherently flame resistant. The filament winding process gives this ducting a high tensile strength and is suitable for both positive and negative high pressure applications.

Machine spinning fibre glass materials
GRP Pipework
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Despite its ability to withstand exceptionally high stresses, fiberglass ducting is lightweight and corrosion resistant. Due to our extensive experience in composite processing we have built up a first class reputation as a manufacturer of components for an extremely diverse range of industrial applications.

We offer straight connections with axilock couplings, flanged connections or our unique bell and spigot system with an internal seal incorporated into the fibreglass bell.

 GRP pipework
GRP Accessories
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Naylor Technical Solutions also manufacture bespoke bends, reducers, T-, Y-, dampers (VCD) and branch sections in GRP to suit your application. We offer a full CAD layout of your system and can supply all support brackets and lifting points for horizontal, vertical and drift installation requirements.

NTS GRP accessories

Fans, Silencers, Dust Filters and more

Naylor Technical Solutions work closely together with world leading fan manufacturer Korfmann and dust filter experts CFT to offer the complete ventilation package for your mining and tunnelling needs.

Let us know where you need air and let Naylor Technical Solutions do the rest.

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In August 2001, the Korfmann Lufttechnik GmbH took over the business section "construction of ventilation systems" from Maschinenfabrik Korfmann GmbH, including the complete know-how, hardware as well as the trademarks and designations known all over the world.

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In the expanding global mining, tunneling, but also in various fields of efficient solutions for growing industrial safety and environmental protection are increasingly required. The dusting and cleaning the air are key challenges. We have specialized since 1999 in the development and construction of Dust - and successfully established ourselves in the industry under the name "Company Clean air".

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